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StyleTagImpl, StyleTagSupport

public interface StyleTag
extends StyleProvider

The <style> tag is used to control plot styles (colors, labels, etc). A <style> tag can appear inside <plotter>,<region> and <plot> tags, and can be arbitrarily nested. For example, a <style> element for an axis can occur inside a <style> element corresponding to a <region>.

The AIDA Team @ SLAC

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 void setType(java.lang.String type)
          Set the optional AIDA style type (xAxis, yAxis, etc).
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getStyle, getStyle

Method Detail


void setType(java.lang.String type)
Set the optional AIDA style type (xAxis, yAxis, etc). This attribute is optional, and only used when one style is nested within another. Legal values depend on the context. For example, for a style inside a region tag, legal types are xAxis, yAxis. See the examples and AIDA documentation for more details.

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