Tag plot

An individual plot within a region. A region may contain multiple plot tags, in which case the data corresponding to each plot tag will be overlaid in the region. Each plot may contain a style tag; if style "type" attribute is ommitted, default style type "data" is assumed. The only possible value for explisit style type is "plotter", in such case the full IPlotterStyle is used. Such type arrangement is confusing and is kept for backward compatibility only; will be changed in future releases.

Tag Information
Tag Classhep.aida.web.taglib.jsp20.PlotTagImpl
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentscriptless
Display NameNone

vartruetruejava.lang.ObjectSet the object to plot. This must either be an hep.aida.IManagedObject, or the name of a variable in a JSP scope holding an hep.aida.IManagedObject.

No Variables Defined.

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