Tag plotset

Displays several plots on one plot page with a navigation bar.

Tag Information
Tag Classhep.aida.web.taglib.jsp20.PlotSetTagImpl
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentscriptless
Display NameNone

plotsfalsetruejava.lang.ObjectObjects to plot. Can be List, Array, single object, or a String name of the variable that holds those objects. It is required if "nplots" attribute is not set.
nplotsfalsetrueintThe number of plots to browse. It is required if "plots" attribute is not set.
statusvarfalsetruejava.lang.Stringthe name of the variable that is going to keep the information about the current status of the PlotSetTag processing. Default is "status".
maxplotsfalsetrueintThe maximum number of plots in a page. Default is 9.
idfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe id for the browsing when multiple plotSet tags are present in a page.
layoutfalsefalsejava.lang.StringThe layout of the plot page. Must be in a form of "nHxnW", "3x4" means 3 plots in Height direction, 4 plots in Width direction.
widthfalsetrueintThe width of the generated image, in pixels. Default is 300/region.
heightfalsetrueintThe height of the generated image, in pixels. Default is 200/region.
formatfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe format of the generated image (pdf, svg, eps, swf, png, gif, or jpg). Default is "png"
allowDownloadfalsetruebooleanWhether to display links below the generated image to allow downloading in other formats. Default is true
createImageMapfalsetruebooleanControls if the image is mapped into clickable regions. Default is false.

No Variables Defined.

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