Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="aida20" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:aida20="" />

The AIDA Tag Library allows you to insert live plots into Java Server Pages (.jsp) files. The AIDA Tag Library is designed to work in containers supporting JSP 2.0.

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameaida20

Tag Summary
plotsetbarCreates a Navigation Bar to browse through the multiple plot pages. Must be inside the plotSet tag
plotsetDisplays several plots on one plot page with a navigation bar.
plotterA top level tag which generates an image containing one or more plots.
regionA plot region within a plotter.
plotAn individual plot within a region. A region may contain multiple plot tags, in which case the data corresponding to each plot tag will be overlaid in the region. Each plot may contain a style tag; if style "type" attribute is ommitted, default style type "data" is assumed. The only possible value for explisit style type is "plotter", in such case the full IPlotterStyle is used. Such type arrangement is confusing and is kept for backward compatibility only; will be changed in future releases.
styleThe style tag is used to control plot styles (colors, labels, etc). A style tag can appear inside either plotter, region or plot tags, and can be arbitrarily nested. For example, a style element for an axis can occur inside a style element corresponding to a region.
attributeUsed to set individual style elements, and must be nested inside style tags.
displaytreeNo Description
treeA top level tag which provides read-only access any AIDA ITree.
tupleA tag to create tuples from the Database.
tupleProjectionA tag to create projections from a tuple.
datapointsetA tag to create a data point set from a tuple.
closetreeA tag to close a tree.
objectsA tag to fetch objects from the tree.
statcomparePerforms the statistical comparison of two objects and prints the result. So far supported objects are ICloud1D and IHistogram1D.
plotterStyleEditorDisplays interactive form that allows to edit the plotter style. Resulting object is saved in session scope under the name of "${var}"

Function Summary
java.lang.StringprintPlotRegistry( javax.servlet.http.HttpSession)No Description
voidclearPlotRegistry( javax.servlet.http.HttpSession)No Description
java.lang.String[]statCompareAlgorithmNames( )No Description
java.util.ListcreateList( java.util.SortedMap[], java.lang.String, boolean)No Description
voidsortList( java.util.List, boolean)No Description
java.lang.StringobjectName( java.lang.Object)No Description
java.lang.StringobjectType( java.lang.Object)No Description


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